Below are some additional videos to support my talk about knowledge management at the integrate 2024 summit.

Sample Projects

There are 2 sample projects I use at the integrate summit to help show some of the features. The first link below is the project which is intended for the internal integration team. This is used to store their standard operating procedures, their architecture and project documentation and support information. This document360 project would be private and secured with Entra ID authentication in the real world. In the case of the demo I have made the content public so you can see it.

The 2nd project we have is one which I would use Entra ID for authoring content, but the published content would be made public so consumers of the API can see my API documentation which is made up of a combination of documentation generated by an integration between Azure API Management and Document360 and also custom content to enrich my documentation manually.

Generate API Documentation

The pipeline used in the below video is on this link:

Use Azure DevOps to Trigger a Turbo360 Azure Documenter generation


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