I had a really great question from Ross on Linked In today which was along the lines of:

Can you point me to any training material you would recommend which would help us setup an Azure Integration Services environment with an end to end view.

Ross is right there isnt really an end to end view on this. I know Luciano who I do a lot of work with regularly suggests I need to write up a book/training course which is “how we do integration”. Ive thought about doing this but the 2 problems are 1) Im always doing consultancy and 2) things always change on Azure so it becomes a pain to maintain it.

In the meantime thou below are some of the key resources I think Ross and anyone else with these kinds of questions should be looking at.

Integration Playbook

As part of guidance to help customers who are migrating from BizTalk to AIS I put together a section in the integration playbook where we collected many of the key resources around BizTalk to AIS. There is a lot of material in here which is aimed at “How to be successful with AIS” and doesnt need you to be coming from BizTalk so this is a good resource to help you develop the background knowledge. It is also focused on the different perspectives you might have such as learning about DevOps or Architecture.


Where to use What

If your struggling to understand where to use each technology then my youtube playlist about where to use what has proven to be very popular.

Landing Zones

If your looking to build an AIS platform then there is an accelerator for this from Microsoft on the below link.


At the integrate summit Dan did a talk about the landing zone (note i think this might need a subscription for integrate)


I guess one of the things to think about with Landing Zones is that there are some design choices you might make for your implementation which would influence how you setup your infrastructure and in the real world ive seen customers setup their infrastructure in quite a few different ways.

Can I build an Enterprise Integration Platform in 45 mins

A few years ago I did a talk at the global integration bootcamp where I build an Azure Integration platform with Terraform. The video and code samples are on the below link.

Hopefully this article will help people out a bit getting started

Architecture Center

There are also a bunch of reference architectures in the Azure Architecture Center which are specifically focused on integration use cases which are worth checking out


Previous Integrate Summit Videos

The library of videos for all of the previous integrate summits are on the below link. There are sessions about all of the technologies which make up the AIS platform

Click Here -> Integrate Videos


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