A while ago I spoke at the Global Integration Bootcamp about a topic I wanted to cover for ages with the idea of “Can i build an enterprise integration platform in 45 minutes”?

I had the idea for this talk last year and didnt get around to doing it but with the amount of work I do with Terraform and automation I believe its possible to easily script an integration platform and build it to a standard and manage change with it very effectively. Also you can drive the automation with Azure DevOps pipelines and CI/CD approaches.

I think for many customers the underlying platform you will build enterprise integration solutions with is pretty similar which lends itself well to this approach.


In the video for the bootcamp you will find my session at 4:14:00 in the video. I think the link below should start it at the right place:



The slides from the session I did are here:


The samples and terraform code I use in this talk is available in this github repo:

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