A couple of months ago a new feature was added in Serverless360 which added support for the monitoring of App Registration secret expiry. In this article id like to show how we can use it and also there is a video with a bit of info too:


We use App Registrations quite a bit for access to various applications, for DevOps pipelines and inbound access for clients calling our API’s. If one of the App Registrations Secrets expires then we have a challenge that some of our components may become accessible to that client and it could result in service disruption.

Manage App Registrations in a Serverless360 Business Application 

We want to make it easy to see any app registrations we use and also monitor and alert in plenty of time for the secret expiry. To handle this we put a business app in Serverless360 which we register our app registrations with. 

You can see above that the App Registrations are showing unhealthy and it would flag up in red and trigger our alerts. 

Alerts and Notifications 

We get an email like shown below which tells us about the Serverless360 app which is unhealthy so we can jump to it to look into the problem. 

A screenshot of a application

Description automatically generated

Viewing the issue 

I can see in the list of App Registrations the one with the error and click it to see the issue. 

It shows me there are 3 secrets and one is due to expire within 30 days. 

I can now make sure I begin the process of addressing this and giving the client a new secret.


In this case I am managing a single Serverless360 Business App for all of my App Registrations for the integration team.  Its also possible to keep individual App Registrations in a business app along side the resources that use them.  You can also do both things together. Hopefully this article shows you that its easy to get visibility for your support users for the management of App Registrations which are used by the solutions you want to manage with Serverless360. 


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