A while back Microsoft announced the replacement of the dataverse connector with an upgraded one.

More info on this is on the below link:


The challenge is, if you have 500 Logic Apps, how do you know which ones need to be updated?

The below resource graph query can be used to query your logic app resources and it will link to the connectors and filter to display the names of the logic apps that use the dataverse connector.

You then know which ones you need to update.

| where type == "microsoft.logic/workflows"
| where resourceGroup contains "[Your Resource Group Names]"
| extend connections = properties.parameters.$connections.value
| mv-expand(connections)
| project name, connections, id
| parse kind = regex connections with * '"id":"' connection_id '","connectionName' *
| parse kind = regex connections with * '"connectionName":"' connection_connectionName '",' *
| parse kind = regex connections with * '"connectionId":"' connection_connectionId '"' *
| project LogicApp=name, ConnectorId=connection_id, ConnectionName=connection_connectionName, Id=connection_connectionId
| where isnotempty(ConnectorId)
| where ConnectorId contains "commondataservice"


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