If you have a lot of Logic Apps they probably all use different connectors. Trying to figure out a holistic view across your estate of which connectors you are using it challenging. Well its not quite so bad if you know how to use Azure Resource Graph and are handy with Kusto.

In the below picture you can see I have 11 instances of Logic Apps using the SAP connector.

The resource graph query to achieve this is below

| where type == "microsoft.logic/workflows"
| where resourceGroup == tolower("mikes-rg")
| extend connections = properties.parameters.$connections.value
| mv-expand(connections)
| project name, connections, id
| parse kind = regex connections with * '"id":"' connection_id '","connectionName' *
| parse kind = regex connections with * '"connectionName":"' connection_connectionName '",' *
| parse kind = regex connections with * '"connectionId":"' connection_connectionId '"' *
| project LogicApp=name, ConnectorId=connection_id, ConnectionName=connection_connectionName, Id=connection_connectionId
| where isnotempty(ConnectorId)
| summarize count() by ConnectorId


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