I had an interesting little gotcha today so just sharing incase someone else gets it.

I had a workflow for Logic App Standard which worked really well. I needed to build a new workflow which was very similar so I added a new workflow to vscode and then copied and pasted the json from the good workflow to the new one so I could give myself a head start.

I made the appropriate modifications and then I saved it ok, deployed it from vscode fine and then tested. Bang 404 not found. My workflow failed the test.

I checked in the workflows list in the portal and the workflow is there.

I opened the workflow up and I can see that the workflow runtime url is not there!

I can also see there is no run history (remember I had a 404 on my test so there probably wouldnt be in this case)

I then tried to run with payload in the portal and get this error.

The question is how to troubleshoot this and how did I fix the issue I had. Note I think there are a few different ways you could cause similar issues but I am hoping the steps will help you get to the bottom of other issues.

Log Stream

The symptoms indicate there is a problem loading the workflow into the runtime. A good place to check in these cases is the log stream. It will often give you good info here. In my case I think I had something misconfigured which I need to check as there is nothing showing up.

App Insights

If you have app insights enabled then you might be able to get some info from the trace messages. Below I can see that there is a validation error with my workflow. I used the transaction search to look at some of the trace messages.

Make a change in the portal

Another good thing to do and one that in this case would have also spotted the issue is to go into the azure portal and in the designer, modify the workflow and save it. That flagged up the issue too the same error that App Insights had gotten in the Transaction Search.

What happened

The problem was when I copied then modified the workflow I had removed a variable I didnt need. I forgot to take it out from the HTTP action that was using it thou. For some reason vscode didnt pick up this validation failure.

I then went back and fixed my workflow and re-deployed it and its all working fine now.


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