This year Arunprabu and the engineering team at Serverless360 have worked on some really useful features enhancing the product with stuff I have found very helpful in allowing us to monitor real world solutions we are helping customers build with Azure. Below are some of my favourite things they have worked on.

You can find more details about them in the below release notes link, but below is a summary of my favourite things.


  • Support for Logic App standard added so I can begin to get an improved management and monitoring experience for workflows which I develop with Logic Apps Standard
  • Support for Data Factory integration runtime so we can get some management and monitoring for a custom hosted integration runtime


  • BAM monitor duration of transaction so if I have a transaction which occasionally takes ages to run I can get some alerts to tell me there might be a problem


  • Resubmit BAM to SFTP which allows me to let the support operator resubmit a failed message to an SFTP location for reprocessing
  • Monitoring Calendar added to the business application which allows me to see the history of when my application has had issues
  • API Endpoint monitoring which allows me to configure a repeated ping test of an API endpoint which I can use to check systems I depend on are available and also so I can build tests in my architecture which can be triggered from the monitoring tool
  • Support for “generic resource” which allows me to add pretty much any resource in Azure to a Serverless360 business application and then I can monitor and visualize its metrics.


  • Support for Azure Data Factory automated tasks so I can do things like automatically rerun failures


  • Multiple monitoring profiles supported for Business Applications. This allows me to define common monitoring criteria and then apply it to all resources in that application so I can set up monitoring with 1 click
  • Manage/Monitor virtual machines
  • Auto-add resources to Serverless360 by monitoring for resources with a specific tag
  • Intro of Cost Analyzer preview which will be a feature we use to allow the tracking, monitoring and optimization of cost
  • Add automated reports to Azure Documenter module so you can schedule reports to be generated on a recurring basis
  • Security compliance report in Azure Documenter so I can get a snapshot of how my resources look against the compliance criteria


  • APIM additional monitoring capabilities allowing the management and monitoring of individual API’s and Operations which might be used as part of your application.


  • BAM stage duration monitoring for long running processes where a stage might be taking an unexpectedly long time to run
  • Cost trend alerts added to Azure Cost Analyzer so I can identify when costs are going off the rails


  • Azure DevOps notification channel allowing me to have work items created from my alerts
  • Architecture diagrams in Azure Documenter to make my documents more useful and user friendly
  • Cost Optimization module added to Azure Cost Analyzer allowing me to configure schedules when resources can be optimized to reduce costs


  • Service Principal secret monitoring so we can keep an eye for any secrets expiring which might break your app
  • Synapse Pipeline support so we can start providing enhanced features to help customers who are building data platform solutions to get a great monitoring experience
  • Enhanced monitoring for APIM and Azure Functions to help make these solutions easier to monitor for advanced scenarios


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