Ive decided to also blog a bit about my golfing experiences on my blog too in addition to IT and cloud stuff.

Ive been taking lessons at the Scratch Golf Studio in Jarrow (Newcastle) with Golf Pro Jack Hayward. Jack has a trackman studio which lets you get loads of analysis of your golf shots. For the first few weeks we worked on my swing path through impact and club position at impact. I was swinging a little too in to out and the club was a little closed. This caused some of my bad shots to go a long way left. I was also not getting through the ball as well as I could. My bad shots would look like this.

The closed club and in to out path would put a high amount of side spin on the ball causing the shot to be a big hook.

We worked on not flipping the club with my wrists and getting through the ball a lot better and things improved a lot.

Combine Test

A couple of weeks later I did the trackman combine test which is a great way to assess your game and work out areas to work on. I didnt do that great but although I was hitting the ball pretty well I wasnt hitting the distances very accurately so we knew that I needed to work on working out how far I hit my main clubs.

Gapping Session

We did some assessment of distances and below are the yardages for how far I am hitting it.

3/4 Swing

  • 56 wedge    - 64 yards
  • 52 wedge    - 71 yards
  • PW          - 86 yards
  • 9 iron      - 98 yards
  • 8 iron      - 104 yards

Full Swing

  • 56 wedge    - 76 yards
  • 52 wedge    - 86 yards
  • PW          - 95 yards
  • 9 iron      - 107 yards
  • 8 iron      - 114 yards
  • 7 iron      - 130 yards
  • 6 iron      - 136 yards
  • 5 iron      - 146 yards
  • 4 iron      - 150 yards
  • 3 iron      - 160 yards

Dynamic Loft Improvements

One of the things Jack identified was that my dynamic loft indicates I am delivering the club to the ball with too much loft causing me to lose distance. We worked on looking at lowering this and I was able to improve my distance with a 7 iron by on average about 10 yards just by improving my dynamic loft. The below video shows some of the work we did and also you can see my shots are so much straighter now from the work we did over the last few weeks on club path and face angle.


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