Ive recently been getting a couple of errors when editing a workflow in Logic Apps Standard in the Azure Portal. The 2 behaviours I am seeing are 1st that the save button stays greyed out sometime when you add an action but there isnt anything to indicate why it is greyed out.

The 2nd issue I was getting was when the save button was activated id get the below error message when I press save.

On investigation the problem was a stupid one. In the designer when I add the action and configure it, if its a built in action it isnt automatically picking up the connection I have already setup for other workflows in the logic app. You can see this below

When I simply change the connection and choose the one I already have setup then it works fine.

Ive seen this happen with both the built-in service bus and cosmos connectors.

You will also notice when its setup right the action has a little link icon on it

Its been bugging me all day so hope this helps saves someone else having the same frustration.


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