Ive been looking at a scenario recently where we moved a Logic App to Logic Apps Standard and I needed to implement concurrency control to limit the load. On Logic App Standard your workflows will try to run as fast as the host will allow within the configuration of your host.json.

In my scenario I have a parent workflow that calls a child workflow. In this scenario we have the challenge that we were getting too much concurrent load so I needed to configure the child workflow to have concurrency control set to 10.

When I deployed it I was getting a problem and checking in the portal I get the below error.

You can see the settings I have for the trigger.

Its a pretty easy fix and I just set the below on the response action so it returns an async response.

The interesting thing is this configuration was also there on Logic Apps ISE but im not sure that I ever remember having to use it. I think the way we were controlling load for the equivalent logic app on ISE meant we were load levelling more from the Service Bus queue than within the workflow runtime.


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