Todays challenge is how to workout which Logic App uses which connector. Ages ago I did a post with powershell looping through all of your Logic Apps and then getting the json for it and working it out. It was a pretty painful script and I was wondering if I could use Resource Graph Explorer.

If you run the below query then it will query out the connections and give you a result really quickly.

| where type == "microsoft.logic/workflows"
| where resourceGroup == "mikes-rg"
| extend connections = properties.parameters.$connections.value
| mv-expand(connections)
| project name, connections, id
| parse kind = regex connections with * '"id":"' connection_id '",' *
| parse kind = regex connections with * '"connectionName":"' connection_connectionName '",' *
| parse kind = regex connections with * '"connectionId":"' connection_connectionId '"' *
| project name, connection_id, connection_connectionName, connection_connectionId

It took me ages to workout how to project out the properties of the connection from within a dictionary when I wouldnt know the key but the regex function in kusto seems to work really well to help here


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