Have you ever wondered if you could dynamically change the behaviour of a pipeline in BizTalk at runtime without redeploying anything?

With some constraints this is something that you can kind of do if you are looking at the IoC & Castle Windsor stuff I have been blogging about recently.  The below video walks through an example of how I did this.


I guess some of the things I might create extensions for could be:

  • A log message in and out extension
  • A custom instance extension for copying something to the message context
  • Something to log a message body

I think that anytime you create a custom pipeline component where it doesnt need any configuration then you could just do it as an extension and use the generic IOC Pipeline component instead.  This would reduce the amount of custom pipeline components you need to write and should simplify your code and deployment.

Well thats the theory behind the proof of concept, lets find out when I have used in the wild a bit more.


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